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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

kombucha squash curry.

friday night, i had the best hamburger of my life at 1924 main. but after eating that much beef, i craved a healthier week of eating. so saturday, i purchased tons of organic veggies at whole foods and some garbanzo beans and garlic and roasting essentials and i created kombucha squash curry. and it was amazing.

it went like this:

heat the oven to 400. while it's doing its thing, halve the squash and scrape the seeds. if you're like me and not exactly skilled with a knife, have someone else do it for you. once each half is clean, cut them into wedges, coat the sides in olive oil and cayenne and salt and place on a baking sheet.

put them in the oven and wait for about 20 minutes. flip them. put them back. when the flesh is soft, the squash is done. i think this took about 40 minutes.

then, in large sautee pan, heat olive oil, three minced cloves of garlic, a large jalapeno and half a red onion, diced. add some salt and wait. after about 15 minutes, this mixture is ready for something special - mild red curry paste. add about two tablespoons and some more olive oil. stir.

then take the now-cooled squash and remove the skin. dice the nutty, sweet meat. throw it into the skillet. add a can of diced tomatoes and a can of garbanzo beans. simmer. after about five minutes, it's done. and it's amazing. trust me.

we ate it plain the first night and over orzo the second. i melted some cheddar on my portion both times.



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