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Sunday, January 27, 2008

notes from the weekend. (volume 12 or something)

1. i washed sally (my car) at turtle wax. great idea. i asked for vanilla fragrance. even better idea. instead, they gave me baby powder fragrance. now sally smells like a cabbage patch kid. gross.

2. i had pizza at pizza bella. please eat there.

3. i bought the rocket summer's newish cd. you should, too.

4. i went mattress shopping at nebraska furniture mart. i loathe that place. and i'm sorry, but mattress shopping is awkward. all these people laying on beds with their kids and or their spouse. i bet if pets could go into NFM, they'd call their dog up on the bed, too. i'm of the opinion that sleeping is a personal, private thing. i don't like seeing it in public. nor do i enjoy laying on the beds to "try them out." it just seems wrong.

5. i also went to forever 21 where after digging through rack after rack of cheaply made designer-like fashions, i found an outfit for an upcoming event in which the attire is 'creative cocktail.' yeah, i don't know what that means either. but, i think i'm going to pull it off.


  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger pomegranate said…

    If anyone can pull off "creative cocktail"'s You!

    I share in your hatred of Nebraska Furniture Mart!


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