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Friday, October 15, 2010

13.1 tomorrow.

i'm much more relaxed about tomorrow's half marathon than i usually am.
probably because my leg doesn't hurt like it did last year.
and it is supposed to be 50 degrees at the start - not 30 degrees.
and it won't be raining.
and i'm not eating raw fish for dinner.
instead, i'm making naan pizza.
and drinking a glass or two of wine.
and rolling out on my foam roller.
watching a movie.
going to bed before 10.
waking up at 5:30.
drinking 1 cup of coffee.
which will hopefully get things movin'
(if you know what i mean.)
and then i'll go line up in a nervous-energy filled group
of thousands of runners
by the 9 minute pace time marker
and then,
THEN is when i will be nervous.
because my training runs have been coming in closer to 9.4 minute miles.
slower than i was last year.
much slower.
i think it's age.
or maybe
that i'm not eating meat anymore.
but whatever it is
i'll try to take it in stride
and just be happy that i'm running
that i can run 13.1 miles.
even though we all know that i will be pissed if i don't finish in under 2 hours.


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