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Thursday, November 12, 2009

birthday beginings.

tonight, the birthday craziness begins. and by "craziness" i mean b and i are having dinner with my dad. sushi. and i am probably going to order my very favorite roll just for me. i'm not sharing. because i'm turning 30, and i can crunch through the fried outside into the cream-cheese and crab-filled inside and enjoy it all by myself. wow, that sounded dirty. sorry about that.

i love sushi. like, with all my heart. i get extra wasabi and i like to use the full-sodium soy sauce. b gets the one with the green top, the lighter in sodium one. which i think is a total ripoff. soy sauce is there to be salty and a little nutty. but mostly salty.

i also enjoy seaweed salad in this strange, raw, animal-like way. i love the way that it crunches and slips and slides through my teeth. i like how little bits get stuck between the gaps. i like to get smoked squid on top of it. and the best is to get a bite of seaweed, dripping in sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds. delicious.

so yeah, the craziness begins tonight. with eating.

and wine. i will be drinking wine.


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