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Thursday, February 05, 2009

red flag.

i'm trying to sell something of considerable value on craigslist. but do people think i'm stupid? apparently. check this out.


I was going through the classified ads, and I came across your advert concerning your item listed for sale. Firstly I will like to know if the item is still available, and will also like to know the conditions? if perfect I would like to buy this from you as a Valentine gift for a friend. Am okay with your asking prices listed on the web advert,thanks and have a good day I wait your quick response .

Best Regards

to which i replied :it's available.

then, they said this...

Hi seller,
Thanks for your message and i will like to buy the item for a friend as a Valentine Gift like i said earlier.My mode of payment will be via (Alertpay) and you can read more about Alertpay via ( )and I will also add $100 for your asking price to cover the cost of Shipping to my friend via (Express Mail Service Us Post Office)and get back to me with your full Name,Address,City,State,Country,Code and Phone Number.So i can proceed to issue the fund to you immediately and better of you can sign up with alertpay via and i want you to understand that,i will love to call but am a deaf and only uses a hearing-in paired phone the relay so please send me an email you leave a message at 480-782-8114 it will delivered to me as message ..i await your response Asap..


  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger Hyperblogal said…

    Run, don't walk as far away from this deal as is humanly possible. ( But you already knew that.) This is a lot like the offer I keep getting from Kenya.

  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    I have a friend currently trying to sell her engagement ring and wedding dress online through CL, and she got something similar last week. Sad thing is, there are morons out there that fall for it.


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