they pay to kiss your feet

since there's no one else around, we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know. then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

the truth.

i made bacon for dinner.

i wrapped cream cheese with the bacon.

that's all i had.

it was delicious.


  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger Molly Jane said…

    Ok that sounds delicious.

    Good luck with the new habit. I've never purchased jeans from eBay, but they had the tags and legit labels so I thought I'd try. Maybe it was a bad idea but they were pretty much calling me, so I couldn't turn away. I'm sure you understand.

  • At 7:38 AM, Blogger noapostrophe said…

    even better: stuff cheese into pitted dates, wrap in bacon, bake until gooey. Guaranteed to make most vegetarians cheat, as long as the bacon is sustainably raised and produced.


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