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Monday, December 18, 2006

tell somebody

i have a problem with the recent stream of commercials about HPV. i've seen several versions of this commercial, and it never totally tells the truth. instead, it goes like this:

the older women in the ad typically say things like, "i can't believe it, cervical cancer can be caused by a common virus."

and then a younger girl usually says something like "a virus. a virus can cause cervical cancer."

then the announcer says something like, "tell the women in your life that cervical cancer can be caused by a preventable virus. a virus."

and then everyone goes "tell somebody." "tell somebody."

i'll tell you what to tell somebody. tell them that HPV is an STD. they never say that. they act like it is something you can catch like the common cold. and i can't help but wonder if it is insighting fear in women and in girls who have never heard of HPV and who don't know that what the commercial is referring to as a "common virus" is actually a sexually transmitted disease.

ok, i'm finished ranting now.

i know that it IS important to let women know that they should get tested for all types of STDs. especially if there are some that can cause something as life-threatening as cervical cancer. but, i do believe there is a more truthful way to present the issue than the way it is being presented in its current campaign.



  • At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why do you suppose they created the ad this way?

  • At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Regarding the government's propaganda about HPV: I am also amazed at how twisted these PSAs are. The assumption always seems to be that everybody will be promiscuous and nobody will be chaste before marriage and faithful to their spouse. It's never mentioned that those who are monogamous don't have a worry. They're trying to get everybody of a mind to have all young girls vaccinated against this. This assumes all young girls will have multiple sex partners or their partner will. Since the government is in bed with Big Pharma and vice versa I suspect this is part of the reason. Another reason being scaring people makes them easier to control. I was also reading that physicians are telling their patients they don't have to inform their sex partners about having HPV unless it's a serious relationship. Imagine. Assuming that casual sex is just expected of people.


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