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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

my pink is hotter than yours

my cell phone crapped out yesterday. it had been in my posession for exactly one year and two months. this means two things: it crapped out WAY early, and it was no longer covered under warranty.

luckily, t-mobile made my day and said i was eligable for an upgrade. so, for meer pennies (or $49.99), i purchased this magenta razor.

only, it's not just plain and simple magenta. it's hot HOT pink. and it's kind of shiny and halfway annoyingly bright. but, it's also kind of my favorite thing EVER.

the best part, though, is that it is a subtle reminder of from where i came.

when i was a poor college sophomore with no car and no cash, i purchased a plymouth sundance for somewhere around $1,200. i bought it from a nice family in lenexa at night. in the dark, i drove it home thinking all the while that i had purchased an ugly red car. but i was thankful that it drove and that i would have my own transportation available for trips home, trips back to columbia, trips to the mall or to the grocery store or to my boyfriend's house. only, when i woke up the next morning and headed out to my car to run an errand, i realized the car i thought was red was actually hot pink. the sun was reflecting off of its semi-glossy, mostly lackluster hood in all of its hot pink glory. i was mortified. i hated the hot pink. the owner's manual called it "raspberry."

i drove the raspberry sundance until the spring of my senior year when it had broken down too many times on I-70 to count. that's when i inherited my great aunt's 1996 honda civic. a simple honda, yes. but to me, it was a pimped out jaguar with leather heated seats and a powerful engine. that's how much better a baby blue, dinted honda civic was. it was miles above the raspberry dissaster.

and since the day i sold the hot pink monster for $250, i can't say i'd seen a color that so closely matched its paint job. until yesterday.



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