they pay to kiss your feet

since there's no one else around, we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know. then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i got these

and i'm all "off" today getting used to the new strong lenses. i physically ran into someone in the hall. it was a glorious moment.


  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger cmccown said…

    As for your Melissa comment, that is hilarious...especially considering she had a boyfriend her freshman year.

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    Aw! Getting used to new glasses can always be tough...hang in there! Try not to hurt anyone in the process...(aas if that could be possible, you teeny thing you!)

    BTW, I think I saw Nick and Gus last night running down Nall at about 9:15. Were they out for a jog then, or was I seeing someone else that looked like Gus? (I didn't get a really good look at the guy...just saw a dog that looked like Gus and thought it could be them!)

  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger Pensive Girl said…

    nick was running then, but not with gus!

    i was running 2 hours earlier. with my neighbor, rob....


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