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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

this happened to me

After an exhausting but nice weekend of 50th anniversary activities and a four-hour drive back through the windiest conditions I’ve ever captained, all I wanted to do was go on a relaxing run. I mean, I earned it. Seriously. Because driving I-70 on Sunday afternoon was basically an exercise of me facing my fears in a head-on game of chicken.

My goal was to get to Kansas City fast enough to beat the storms and the tornados. But the wall clouds were hanging low and the lightening was hitting the ground and the hail was hitting the car and then there was the wind — let’s just say that after two and a half ours of white-knuckled driving, I made Nick take over. I just couldn’t do it anymore. And as soon as he took the wheel, I fell fast asleep.

Despite my mouth that spewed several mumbled cuss words as the element was blown to and fro, we made it home safely. And what a blessed return it was. In the two days we were gone, everything decided to bloom. It was sunny and warm and the perfect weather for a run. I was excited.

Brad and I headed out on our 5.75 mile run at about 6 p.m. The fact that at that hour it was still brilliantly sunny was enough to put a spring in my step. I love the first few days after daylight savings time. I love more light and more time to do things like run and walk and grill.

After a pretty challenging, hilly course, we were in the home stretch. My breathing was relaxed and I was listening to a really good song on my nano. And then, out of nowhere, a light blue, late 1990s model Honda Accord full of teenagers drove by, yelled something, and threw water on us. What? Yeah. I was pissed.

But I kept running, and so did Brad. And now, I can tell the story of the time we were running and this car full of kids threw water on us. It pretty much makes Sunday the awesomest day ever.


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