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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

breaking news.

"BREAKING NEWS PETROLEUM FIRE JUST WEST OF WHEELER DOWNTOWN AIRPORT." okay. here's the deal. i was watching the news due to the severe weather and possible tornadic developments, let's be honest. i hate tornadoes. with a passion. when i have a nightmare, um, it's tornado related. okay, so that's the truth.

so, i'm watching the news and they're all like, "the tornado threat has lessened, we will break in to the scheduled programming only if it's an actual tornado warning." so i'm all 'yeah, i totally trust brian busby, i'm going to enjoy my regular scheduled programming now.'

no more than two seconds later, they break back in. with this fire story. the one where the PETROLEUM is burning. by the 100,000 GALLON. so, i look to my left, out the window. and, blam. there's the fire.

so, yeah, i'm wondering what i'm breathing.

and what i'll be breathing tomorrow, when i go to work.

that's all.


  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger That Guy said…

    I drove by it around 8:30 and it was the largest fire I've ever seen. Crazy! I took some pics on my camera phone.


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