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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

a letter to life.

dear life,

you've been pretty sweet lately. i guess this means i'm on the downhill part of the roller coaster, right? the part where it's okay to stop pedaling for awhile and just breathe.

the part where things seem almost perfect. a super husband. a beautiful house. two cars that get us from here to there. two great jobs in fields we want to be in. two adorable pets. at least two-square meals a day.

and many snacks.

but let me tell you something, life. you really had me going for awhile. on that uphill part. the part where i was heartbroken and empty. the part where my body started to fail. the part where i lost my job and spent more than a year looking for a new one. the penny-pinching, meal-stretching, engagement-postponing part.

but i think that's the part that trained me for this part. if that makes any sense.

trained me to cherish good days. to save wisely, live frugally and find something every day to raise a glass to.

and i think the hard part, the part where i sometimes, often, usually forgot to breathe...that was the part that taught me what it really means to be human. to live in a world that requires us to relinquish control on a daily basis. because so many factors are so outside our realm of understanding.

so life, thank you for turning around for the time being. and thank you for teaching me that i can make it through the hard times. and that, while they may come and go, they don't usually last forever.

rainbows and sunshine,


  • At 11:47 AM, Anonymous PlazaJen said…

    I appreciate your perspective. As someone who feels like she's still on the uphill struggle, with the edge of the cliff just a few inches away every day, I try to remember that with most things, it's not forever.
    I was thinking I needed to watch "Waiting to Exhale" again, or listen to the soundtrack - perhaps I'm subconsciously trying to figure out how to breathe....
    So happy for you.

  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Pensive Girl said…

    you'll breathe again soon. i started to breathe again when i learned to let go of certain things that were way beyond my control.

    you'll find something that works for you.

    thinking about you, and getting ready to email you back.


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