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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh, america.

hi friends.

today, i got these direct mail postcards promoting myself in the mail. that's a mouthful. anywho, it's a campaign B and i put together a while back (he: art director, me: copywriter.) did you know he's amazing at design, too? this man is not just a writer. he's a creative director.

but i digress. so, i got them in the mail. and they look great. and i'm entering them in the addys - deadline friday. so, i rushed to the post office to stick a few in the mail. the line at the post office was

and there was ONE post office employee.

and the entire place smelled like body odor and farts.

and the woman in front of me was sending several packages to New Zealand. and, i don't know if you know this, but you can't just put "NZ" with the postal code on your package if you are sending something there from the united states. no. you have to spell out the name of the country. because as the woman behind the counter said, "you don't KNOW our employees. they will see NZ on there and they won't know where in the heck it's going. they don't even look at the postal code until it's out of this country."

oh, and you also can't send something insured unless it is being shipped priority mail. the woman ahead of me learned this the hard way when they had to re-do her order four times. it took 10 minutes. all in all, i was there over 30 minutes. to buy 60 44 cent stamps displaying the american flag.

but it's totally going to be worth it when a few of you lucky people get my direct-mail, self-promotional postcard in the next few days. it's a series of 3. so, hang tight for the others.

peace out.


  • At 10:06 PM, Anonymous PlazaJen said…

    Oh I can't wait to see them! I hate the post office; the one on Wornall is the worst. I love Mission & Martin City, if you're willing to drive further.
    We need to catch up!

  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger Chimpotle said…

    If you want to save yourself some time buying stamps, go to a grocery store. The regular cashiers normally have at least one book, and customer service can probably supply you with a larger number.


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