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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


hi. i went to the doctor today. for my 3-month follow up. i hate my doctor. and when i say hate, i mean i can't stand him at all and think he would be better fit to be a mortician. because then, he wouldn't have to talk to anybody. because he's mean. and condescending.

and i was so nervous to go that i got sweaty and my stomach hurt. yeah.

basically, he just talked over me, told me i don't have endometriosis, but he would do the surgery if i wanted him to. said i need to wait until i feel better for 6-months solid before i start transitioning off of the medication.

blah blah blah.

oh, the reason i still see him is because he is one of two doctors in the area that treat IC. the other one had a crazy waiting list. i couldn't get in with him until june. and i'm going to see him then. for a second opinion. but in the meantime, i had to stop hurting. so, i bit my lip, crossed my fingers and went to the terribly mean doctor.

i didn't go to this appointment by myself. mostly because i need the emotional support to even get through five seconds of seeing this doctor's face. let alone 30 minutes of discussion.

okay, i think i'm done complaining now.


  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    No wonder the other doctor has a crazy waiting list. Sheesh!

    Sorry you have to deal with a POS in order to get help for now, sista. I hope the other doctor is able to help you even more!


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