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Monday, January 21, 2008

and, breathe.

i didn't have to work today. thank you, martin luther king jr. instead, i went to the doctor to get a diagnostic test done. it sucked. i mean really, really sucked. it hurt and i'm still uncomfortable. not too uncomfortable to go running though...which i did. 4.2 miles. outside. on semi-snow-packed streets. and it felt good. freeing. and for about 40 minutes, i forgot about my pain and discomfort and the other test i have coming up on wednesday. the one that is supposed to be even more painful than the one i had today. the one that i have to drive myself to because nobody can get time off of work to take me. the one that will probably make me cry. the one that will maybe definitively tell me what is wrong. or what could be wrong. and i'm dreading it. like the plague. so what do i do to get my mind off of it? i watch the tyra show. um, it's about the worst television show out there. not even kidding. so it didn't really work at getting my mind off of that which i dread. i think wednesday might just have to come and go. and then on thursday, i'll have conquered it. whatever it has in store. so here's what i'm looking forward to. running 3.5 miles tomorrow. starting a small group on wednesday. running 3.5 miles again on thursday. running a 5 mile long run on saturday and generally training again. it feels good. here's to 13.2.


  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger pom. said…

    Ugh, man.
    I'm thinkin' of you big through all these tests and craptastic diagnostic stuff you're goin' through.


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