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Thursday, March 22, 2007

about green things.

i'm aware that green has become the new black. but, i'm still hopeful when i see the amount of media and attention the state of our planet is getting.

two years ago, it would have been nearly inconceivable for a studio executive to be turned on by a pitch for a film dealing with climate change based on a power point presentation given by a former vice president. the only thing green in Hollywood, then, was money.

but things are changing. slowly. and, while it's a bit trendy to be environmentally conscious now, the attention the state of affairs is getting can only be a good thing.

in the midst of progress, though, is severe irony. two days ago, president bush came to kansas city to praise two American car makers for building energy-efficient vehicles. but in the process of getting himself and his entourage here, he burned at least 1,100 barrels of oil. read about it here. good reporting by scott canon. so sad, but sometimes the truth hurts, i suppose.


  • At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i said a long time ago that for anything to be done in america, it would have to become very very popular to conserve, purchase fuel efficient auto, become vegetarians, etc. the more popular it becomes, the more real awareness is created among the masses. even if politicians don't mean a damn thing they say, their bickering over it out of popularity still might help.

    i like how george carlin talked about it best. he says mother earth will be just fine, we're not hurting the planet, we're hurting our ability to live on it" or something like that.

    kerry was on the daily show about his new book. i'm not sure about it because i haven't read it, but the fact another well known figure has written a book on global warming, cancer, chemicals, etc, can only be good. more more more more more.

    ps. did you know that there is a global trend in the lowering of sperm count? there are a few theories, but one is that there is just too many people, another is that we reuse the same water. anyway enough. hope you're doing well, miss rosy cheeks.


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