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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

doing the shuffle

stealing an idea from chase (there are no original ideas anymore anyway, right?), i'm going to put my i-pod on shuffle and then write about each of the first five songs that play. okay, i'm already getting off to a great start. check this out.

1. since u been gone by kelly clarkson. ugh. i admit it, this song makes me want to dance. and, it may be true that at one particular sobering moment at home alone, i grabbed a remote control as a mic, turned this song up loud and sung my heart out into the mirror complete with awesome dance moves and stage hair shakes. yes. i did this.

2. several ways to die trying by dashboard confessional. this is not my favorite dashboard song by a long shot. but it is part of my collection of dashboard that lives on my nano. it kind of consists of mostly every song they (they being, chris) have ever released. yes. i have a problem.

3. sweetest thing by U2. great song. great great great. i sing it loud in the car when i'm alone.

4. come pick me up by ryan adams. this song depresses the heck out of me, but for some reason, i like listening to it while i'm running. odd? yes.

5. perfect situation by weezer. i love this song because it reminds me of weezer's pinkerton album, which is my favorite weezer album of all time. it's also fun to run to. and to sing loudly. and to fist pump to. i am a great fist pumper. i'm also a master of car dance. which i do when i'm listening to this song. right. i told you i was cool.


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