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Monday, August 01, 2005

What I learned this weekend.

Being away from my dog Gus for more than eight hours is really hard.

The drive from Kansas City to Saint Louis is worth hating.

Take more than one pair of running socks when going on a four-day long wedding road trip because remaining sane will require extra workouts.

When reuniting with old college acquaintances at a wedding, bring a dress that fits. If all else fails, shop three random malls in a strange town until that perfect $60 dress in the junior’s department at Dillards fits like a glove.

Being the “date” at a wedding to a member of the wedding party is really like going to the wedding alone. Next time, don’t go in the wrong door at the church, which will result in an awkward, side-facing front row seat. And when people keep asking if you are saving the seat next to you for anyone, just say no. It’s empowering.

Boxed wine is surprisingly refreshing when your wedding date/husband is sitting at the head table and you are attempting to make conversation with strangers.

It’s probably not okay to get jealous of the bridesmaid your husband is escorting. It is kind of funny, however, to snap a photo of them dancing and then to say, “Honey, I took a picture of you dancing with a stranger.”

Being a creepy cousin is one thing. Being a creepy cousin who only talks about drinking and liver damage and how it has taken you seven years to finish college is another thing entirely. Perhaps next time, creepy cousin, you should talk to the single ladies at the wedding.


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