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Monday, August 08, 2005

But do we really have to spank him?

Gus used to be a good dog. Two weeks ago, he was well behaved and polite. He responded to a firm “no” and would generally stop biting if you said “Gussy, no biting.” The same went for whining, barking and jumping. And then, everything changed.

During our I-70 wedding road trip excursion, Gus stayed at the vet. Two weeks ago he was a shy dog who loved people but mostly was afraid of other dogs. So, while I was away from my Gus, I pictured him doing things like cowering in the corner during playtime with the other dogs. (Yes, they really have playtime.) I also figured he would follow the vets and the technicians around all day or stay in his kennel with his red Kong where he would feel safe. I think I was wrong.

Since bringing him back home, Gus is a new dog. He is more aggressive (if a pug can even be aggressive), is much more whiney and even smells somehow different. I bathed him to try to get rid of the funky, adult dog stench, but it just wouldn’t wash away. Our Gussy grew up while we were away and I’m not sure we were ready. I definitely wasn’t ready to have to start disciplining him again.

Like last night, Gus was attempting to eat my quilt, which I hear is very bad for dogs. And so, I said “No, Gus, No!!!” He didn’t seem to care what I said. He just kept trying to eat it as I tried to pull strands of wet, chewed up quilt from his throat. Lovely, right? Then, Nick gave Gus a quick, firm swat to the butt and Gus stood at attention. He didn’t go near the quilt the rest of the night. But, I think he secretly hates us now.

I’d like to find out what dog was a bad influence on him during his time at the vet. Perhaps that dog needs a spanking or two.

Disclaimer: Jessi really does have a life outside of her dog and this post is halfway facetious although mostly true


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