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Monday, August 30, 2010


i am a bad vegan.

i like cheese too much. and m&ms.
actually, screw 'liking' m&ms. i love them. i am IN love with them.

avoiding meat, however, is easy.

i don't like it that much. it's heavy. and makes me feel icky.

but if i was presented with a bowl full of cheese sprinkled with m&ms, i'd probably eat it.
well, i might stick it into the microwave first and get things all gooey and melty. and then, then i'd eat it.

because i can't say no to cheese.
or milk chocolaty, candy-coated goodness.


  • At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Sarah St. said…

    Oh thank goodness. I didn't know if we could be friends anymore if you didn't eat cheese :)

  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger Ninjagaiden78 said…

    I love cheese (thank God for cheese!!) and M&M's. Somethings you cannot live without. Don't fight it, just enjoy it.


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