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Monday, June 07, 2010

growing up.

i came to my blog this morning to see if i had written anything lately.

as we all know, i hadn't. and then while i had coffee with vanilla soy creamer, i had this internal debate about if i'm letting my readers or myself down when i don't write. and then i wondered if i have anything interesting to say anymore. and as i washed my hair with this shampoo that has carrots in it, i contemplated my voice on twitter, facebook and here. and if they are the same. or if they should be the same. i mean, you know, am i entertaining people here. am i offering something valuable. interesting. new. pensive. perfect. worth reading.

but then i remembered why i started this blog. it was for me.
just for me.

it still is i guess. and i'm glad i have more than 140 characters with which to express myself.

i got a new car on thursday. i've never really loved a car before. but i love this one. i love it so much that i parked it in the farthest spot saturday at the grocery store. to avoid dings. i have now become one of 'those people.'

and sometimes while i'm at work, i look out the window to make sure it's still there. as if it has legs and is going to wander off into some other adoring-driver's hands. or driveway.

i realize there is something very sad about this, but having a new car that i actually have to take care of. that i actually want to keep clean - makes me feel like a grownup. as if turning 30 wasn't enough. or the house that i own. or being married. or paying taxes. or needing to go to bed by 9:30.

no, it took a car.

a white, shiny sport-wagon. with a panoramic sunroof. and leatherette. with heated seats, windshield wipers and mirrors. with hands-free bluetooth. that runs on clean diesel and gets 40 mpg.

that's what it took to make this pensive girl finally feel like an adult.

so keep reading if you want to hear about adult things.

like how we had made-from-scratch popcorn last night for dinner.


  • At 10:06 PM, Anonymous PlazaJen said…

    Great power of suggestion - it's what I had for dinner tonight. :)
    What car did you get? Is it a VW? I don't know many other cars that run on diesel. (All I can think of are Mercedes, old Volvos and maybe Beemers. VW seems like a logical guess.)
    Miss ya!

  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger Pensive Girl said…

    it is a VW. i got a jetta sportwagon tdi. i love it :)

    and it was a lot cheaper than a mercedes :)

    miss you, too. we should catch up soon.


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