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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

things that happen due to unemployment #2,467.

most days, i wear two outfits. they consist of:
1. green workout shorts and a tank
2. khaki shorts and a T-shirt

i only switch out of the workout shorts if i actually worked out in them, got them sweaty and need to make them smell better/appear more sanitary. because of this, i've greatly reduced the number things that i once thought were necessary wardrobe items. i went from thinking i needed at least four pair of great looking jeans to realizing just one pair is okay since i will probably only put them on once a month. i've gone from living in heels to only wearing flip-flops and running shoes. i no longer need a bra for the right shirt, because a sportsbra does just fine. i wear my hair in pigtails, use minimal makeup and sometimes skip a day of washing my hair because, hey, less shampoo usage means more money in my wallet.

but there's a slight problem with this. i'm packing my wardrobe now. and the pile of "clothes for goodwill" was much larger this time than on any other move. because there's this little part of my brain that forgot that i'll need to wear that uncomfortable skirt again one day. and for like half a second i spaced that those jeans, the ones i haven't put on for three months, are going to come in handy when i get a new job.

but still, the day-to-day wardrobe selecting bit is simple. so simple that, on my daily walks with kolby dressed in my green shorts and grey tank, i start to wonder what people must think. "oh, that poor girl, she only has one outfit." or "omg, i can't believe she wore that twice in a row."

but then i think, screw them. unless of course they want to give me a job.


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