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Thursday, May 14, 2009

still standing.

for anyone who is wondering, i'm still without job. which means without paycheck and without things to do all day. i'm also without a reason to shower before noon and to buy new clothes.

and i've been going through some hard things while i'm here without work. things that have nothing to do with jobs or a job, and then things that have everything to do with needing to make a living.

but some really cool things have happened, too. i've grown closer to friends because i have more time to invest in relationships. i've gotten to know my niece better. i've been able to work out 8 days in a row. i'm back to running over 20 miles a week. and...drumroll...i am going to be moving into a house. in my favorite neighborhood in the city. it's a perfect house. perfect. with characater and a screened-in portch. and a big patio and a fenced yard for kolby. and wood floors and crystal doorknobs and space to expand and a kitchen with professional-grad appliances in stainless steel.

yes, that's happening.

so it hasn't been all bad.


  • At 10:22 AM, Blogger May said…

    how exciting! hope your move is smooth and stress-free

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    I KNEW IT! When you said it wasn't that you were engaged, I just knew you were moving in with B. Awesome. Just fabulously awesome!

    Cannot WAIT to see pics of the house. I hope you plan to share!


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