they pay to kiss your feet

since there's no one else around, we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know. then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow.

Friday, October 31, 2008


1. songs to run to at the moment: coldplay's strawberry swing; the airborne toxic event's sometime around midnight

2. new-to-me band: frightened rabbit

3. boots: urban outfitters uniform suede boot.

4. day at the office: halloween, OMFG

5. vodka: grey goose

6. dog: kolby (this is a big deal. gus was still my favorite until a few months ago.)

7. anticipation: trip to hawaii. come on february!

8. work out: the kick-my-butt weights/cardio class at the gym. holy cow.

9. show: the office

10. season: autumn


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