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Thursday, August 28, 2008


kolby james is in recovery mode. but he doesn't know it. he has so much energy it's ridiculous.

for the next few weeks i have to keep him and the cat as separate as possible. you'd think it would be easy to keep a cat and a dog apart. but these two are best friends. and they like to play rough. this rough play usually involves the cat's claws all over kolby's face. which scares me always. but especially after eye surgery. so that's cool.

k's going to get to stay at this awesome doggie boarding place for part of next week when i'm in atlanta to visit b's dad. he's way more social with other dogs than gus ever was. so he should love the open-environement atmosphere. no kennels means a happy dog mommy.

in other news, i'm going to HAWAII in six months.
my wallet is experiencing labor pains, but i'm trying to ignore that. because it's fricking Hawaii.


  • At 3:20 PM, Blogger Spyder said…

    Yea! For Kolby & going to Hawaii ! What boarding place are you going to use? I was going to send you the name of the place we have used. But when looking up the address I found some very bad reviews (they lost a dog!). So now I'm looking for another place that can handle BIG dogs.


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