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Saturday, March 22, 2008

about the anonymous personal life inquiries.

dear internet,

you're changing every day. getting faster. smarter. cooler. simply, you're maturing. you've hosted my blog for three years - you know me as pensive girl. and well, internet, because of you, i'm able to publish my thoughts almost every day. and for some reason, i have an audience that reads me babble about things like life and hope and despair and god and my not-so-secret love affair with white chocolate, chili-cheese fritos and wine. maybe i'm funny? i'm definitely sarcastic and deeply emotional. and i think that readers really connect with that, internet. perhaps my blog is a familiar comfort to them.

not a week goes by where pensive girl hasn't felt, lived and written. god-willing, i plan to continue this pattern.

but, internet, certain people amuse me. people who inquire about my 'availability' and willingness to date by posting anonymous comments on random posts. yeah, you break down walls, internet - you really do. but who in their right mind would reply to a comment like that? i love my readers, i really do. and i cherish the fact that you, internet, allow me to connect with people i've never met. i'm thankful to have a place to publish my thoughts and idiosyncrasies. but there are certain things i keep private. i don't talk about my personal life anymore. not bluntly, anyway. and that will continue to be my pattern. i give my readers a window into my soul. but, that window stops short of the very core of me. it must.

i hope you understand, internet. you've been so supportive in my blogging endeavor.

yours very truly,

pensive girl


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