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Monday, March 10, 2008

100 things to do before i die (numbers 1 - 50).

1. Run a full marathon.
2. Buy a kickass road bike.
3. Become a du-athlete.
4. Try rock climbing again.
5. Buy a house – again.
6. Design my own kitchen.
7. Invest in ridiculously expensive pots, pans and cutlery
8. Buy one “very me” place setting of china from 12 different patterns.
9. Host at least one dinner party using the mix-matched china and clanky crystal
10. Start collecting something.
11. Dye my hair red.
12. Invest in a designer handbag.
13. Bring another dog into my life.
14. Raise a family.
15. Spend enough time in France to be fluent again
16. Go to South Africa
17. Go on a missions trip
18. Picnic on the Greek isles
19. Start playing the piano again
20. Be the front-woman of a band.
21. Write my memoir
22. Get the memoir and a book of my poetry published
23. Invest in a really good camera and learn to use it
24. Find out how to be a music supervisor for a film
25. Be a music supervisor for a film
26. Live in a costal city
27. Invest in a fancy television
28. Turn the television off for a month
29. Have a reason to drive an audi station wagon
30. Go back to school for that degree in comparative literature
31. Enjoy crafting — just for a week
32. Learn how to knit
33. Grow an herb cutting garden
34. Learn to paint
35. Get a tattoo
36. Think about getting a tattoo sleeve
37. Learn how to make my eye makeup appear more severe
38. Memorize poetry
39. Become a running coach
40. Empower inner-city youth through running
41. Reduce my carbon footprint by a lot
42. Find a way to always be creative
43. Plant and maintain a flower garden
44. Adopt and or foster a child
45. Learn how to do a cartwheel and do them all day at the park
46. Take a day off to just sit under a tree
47. Learn to love my body
48. Finish reading the books I’ve started
49. Get to know jesus better
50. Sell my fashion-consultant services


  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Spyder said…

    I can help you with #32.

  • At 3:40 PM, Blogger Kat said…

    And I can help with #45...though my gymnast days are far behind me. =-)


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