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Thursday, February 21, 2008

i can't eat anything but hamburgers.

that's right. when i go out to eat it's the only 'ic-safe' food on most menus. so, i'm stuck consuming way too many medium cooked, half-pounds of ground beef. they taste good, but i miss sushi. and until now, pigs would fly before i'd order a hamburger when i was out.

obviously, i ate one today. and last friday. and the week before that. i've become a regular kansas city hamburger connoisseur. so far, 810 zone is winning. houston's burger is flavorless. One 80 has okay sliders, but they don't understand that "medium" means "show me a little blood please."

okay, and randomly, i'm watching american idol again. you're shocked, right? and anyway, paula abdul's new video just premiered. and randy jackson is in it. playing the base guitar or something and um, can i just say that there are no words to describe what i just witnessed. okay, maybe there are some words. like, WTF are both of them thinking.


  • At 12:22 PM, Blogger dreamer said…

    paula's video. oh my yes. i completely understand the absence of words.


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