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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

60 things about me.

1. right now, i have to stick to a low-acid diet. i hate it.
2. tomatoes and tomato products are one of my favorite foods.
3. aged cheese, smoked cheese and brie are also up there on my list.
4. now, i must settle for mozzarella and cream cheese. (i must also avoid tomatoes like the plague.)
5. i'm sort of a foodie.
6. i'm not sure i'm proud of that.
7. i don't watch food network as much as i used to.
8. i now spend more time watching back seasons of shows like "lost."
9. i also like to watch 'the girls next door.' it's such a train wreck.
10. right now, i'm watching scenes from hitchcock's "the birds." on a hugeass television that is not mine.
11. i need a new television.
12. i also need to get dvr.
13. i spent this new year's eve in florida.
14. last year, i went to bed at 10:30.
15. i enjoy discovering new music every day.
16. today, i listened to songs that were featured on last nights season premier of "one tree hill."
17. i'm a copywriter at an interactive advertising agency.
18. i work on a team with all boys.
19. i'm not as innocent as i was two years ago when i started there.
20. and i sometimes cuss more than i used to.
21. my baby sister had a child in december.
22. i am now an aunt.
23. i don't think i babysat much when i was little and so, i often compare my niece to gus.
24. i am obviously so not ready to be a mother.
25. my favorite food of the moment is Pho. (vietnamese rice noodle soup.)
26. i prefer my Pho to be made with thinly sliced rare beef.
27. if i'm making meat sauce, i used ground buffalo instead of beef.
28. since august of 2006, i've been eating mostly organic.
29. i no longer get a migraine once a month.
30. this year, i was diagnosed with GERD (reflux.)
31. i was supposed to take prevacid every day for the rest of my life.
32. i stopped taking it.
33. i feel fine.
34. i am a former home owner.
35. i'm watching lots of co-workers and friends purchase their first homes.
36. it's very strange to be renting again.
37. i could own a home if i wanted probably.
38. if i did own a home, i'd hope to have gus at it.
39. i miss gus so much that it hurts.
40. though i had a fabulous time in florida, the whole way home i ached for gus.
41. gus may have been what helped keep me sane.
42. i'm doing okay without him, but i wish i could hold him again. just once.
43. maybe i get too attached to pets.
44. my childhood golden retriever is still alive.
45. i saw him a few days ago and then i had a dream that he died.
46. i think the universe is telling me to get a pet.
47. i used to be allergic to cats.
48. somehow, it went away this year.
49. i have fallen in love with a certain white cat.
50. this cat has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities.
51. i no longer go to legacy christian church.
52. i sort of float between churches right now.
53. i was supposed to start a new small group tonight but couldn't because i feel like crap.
54. i will go next week.
55. the last two times i went to church, my favorite person in the world went with me.
56. it felt good to have them there.
57. i think i've grown a lot in my understanding of God this year.
58. and i've never been more confused.
59. 'blue like jazz' by donald miller revolutionized my life.
60. i think i'm about due for some more revolutionizing.


  • At 9:48 AM, Blogger pom. said…

    I don't read your blog NEARLY enough. I think you're such an amazing, beautiful person. Every time I come back here I'm like GAH! I forgot to be reading this!!

  • At 5:35 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Great stuff :-) Glad to know that there are quality people out there like yourself who read my blog, and have a great one also! I will definitely keep checking up on yours.


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