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Thursday, December 20, 2007

how i got a lance bass bobble head.

i named myself the unofficial social chair of my creative team at work. i got this title last year after organizing our first official white elephant lunch. today was white elephant - the second. we went to po's noodle and dumpling bar. next to our table was this christmas tree. there was a card in the center that had a picture of two girls in "sexy nurse" halloween costumes. see below.
i wanted to "win" this vodka. but, andy ended up with it. i was pissed.

andy first opened a themed package from our boss and creative director, nick. it contained a lance bass bobble head, a sophie b. hawkins tape and a small bottle of malibu rum with banana. can you guess the theme? when he stole the vodka from me, i ended up with his gift.

andy kept getting the better end of the stick. this is a picture of his lunch. fried chicken on top of soup? yes, please.

nick opened my gift. he received a nasty old blanket, one of those chair things that you can read with in bed and the CD single of LFO singing "summer girls." you're welcome, nick.

the waitress offered to take a photo of the entire team. here we are.

ho, ho, ho.


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