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Sunday, November 04, 2007

why i hate nebraska furniture mart.

yes, i may have purchased an okay counter-height table with two stools from said furniture empire on saturday. yes, i may have been impressed with the deal and the swiftness of the salesman and the coffee shop right there in the store. but, everything else in me hates nebraska furniture mart. with a passion.

i hate the aisles and aisles of lazy-boy recliners. i hate the way the sales people pounce on you - as if they are pushing used cars. and i hate, more than anything, that all of the couches basically look the same.

they may have an "urban" section that boasts moderately priced, more modern style. but let's just say nothing they offer is on-par to run in an issue of dwell magazine any time soon.

despite all of that, one of my biggest, most hated pet peeves is walking behind a pair of slow-walking strangers. nebraska furniture mart is this strange breed's habitat. everyone is so amazed at the lazy-boys and the over-stuffed floral sofas that they walk slow. with no regard for the people around them or directly behind them. and eventually, when they make their way over to the "clearance" department - as i did, they will see that half of what is displayed there is already sold. oh, nebraska furniture mart, i don't like you.

and i hate your pickup method. i have a feeling that on saturday, nebraska fans and nebraska natives would not have been a fan of it either. because saturday night, after the corn huskers were brutalized by the jayhawks, i happened upon a very drunk, very middle-aged group of nebraska fans at a local sushi restaurant. and i think at that moment, despite being clad in red and white, they were a touch disappointed to call nebraska their team, their home. and anyway, seeing them drunk and loud and annoying slightly satisfied the nebraska furniture mart hater in me. that and the bottle of hot sake.


  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Homemom3 said…

    I just discovered this place and must agree about those slow walkers. I have four kids with me and don't plan on staying all day, I just want to pass them and find my finds. I did pick up a bunch of items and am having them delivered. I'll update when I get my items.


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