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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

wherin i admit my weakness(es)

i can't be around chocolate without eating it. all day. there is a large bag of m&ms on the shelf near my desk. every time i walk by it, i grab four or five. i do this um, maybe once an hour. you do the math. it's ridiculous.

lately, i've been craving anything as long as it's deep fried. chicken fingers. crab rangoon. crispy spring rolls. funnel cake. you get the picture.

one of my most favorite foods is the brilliance that is the pancake. i haven't had pancakes since february.

i like smoked fish. if i see a new option that features fish with a smokey flavor, i'm sold. i bought smoked halibut spread from whole foods last weekend. it's great because it couples the smokey goodness of the fish with one of my other favorite foods - cream cheese. i've eaten it all. and now, i want more.

every time i think about gus, i cry. i keep thinking maybe if i just get a puppy, i'll get over him. but then there's the training and the shots and the food and the expense and the pet-sitters and, well, it all sounds very unappealing when i put it in that perspective. but still, i can't look at or think about a puppy without wanting one. for now, m&ms is a safer habit.


  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger "The D" said…

    Wait. what? Gus is gone? What happend to the Gus-ter-fer-son?


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