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Sunday, October 21, 2007

notes from the weekend. (or, moving is exhausting)

1. i helped a friend move all weekend. this means that i began helping pack boxes thursday evening and didn't stop until the move was finished and the leftover stuff was unloaded from my car on sunday. i am an asset when it comes to moving. seriously, i should charge for this service. i'm so good at it that on my third trip down a flight of stairs with three boxes stacked on a dolly, i actually said to myself, "i am a bad-ass mofo." yes. just like that. i didn't say what mofo stands for out loud in my head. no. i'm not that crass.

2. moving all weekend is just plain exhausting. it's something people should only do once in a lifetime. i, however, get to move myself next weekend. oh, how i can't wait to be a B.A.M.F. again.

3. the sight of cardboard boxes right now makes my biceps hurt. i have about 20 empty ones in my living room just staring at me.

4. my pregnant sister began to go into premature labor last night around 9 p.m. - while i was still assisting with the move. i was so exhausted physically and emotionally that i actually selfishly thought, "please, no. just hold that baby in another day or two. i just need to sleep." i thought that. about my sister - my best friend. THAT, dear reader, is how exhausting moving is. thankfully, the doctors were able to stop her labor and she is now on bed rest. i'll keep you posted about the journey of me becoming an aunt - holy crap.

5. i am so not qualified to be an aunt. whenever a bunch of women my age are standing around talking about their kids and the silly things they do, i always end up saying, "oh yea, that's what gus does." um, gus is a DOG. i have lots to learn.


  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    It comes quickly. Before you know it, they're 11, and you're able to remember the time when YOU were 11, and you can totally relate to them! Because trying to relate to what a baby is going through? Not too easy, my friend.

    But they're almost as snuggly and cute as a Gus is! Less fuzzy, this is true. But they definitely (usually) smell a bit better than a dog. That's always nice.


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