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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a thanksgiving list (or a glimpse into the randomness inside my head).

1. I am thankful for music. I listen to it all day. Right now, I’m obsessing over Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes — the old stuff.

2. When I wake up in the morning, I actually want to go to work. For the first time ever. It feels good.

3. Traditionally, I put up Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving while enjoying a glass or two of wine. This year, I jumped the gun and put them up the weekend before turkey day. I’m glad I did.

4. I didn’t drink any wine while adding holiday cheer to the house this year.

5. My holiday decorations have a purple and red theme. I don’t have a Christmas tree, because I don’t have room.

6. Nick bought a potted “Living Christmas tree” from Lowe’s last weekend. I don’t want to display it because the pot is ugly.

7. Maybe I should just buy a new pot.

8. I’ve also been considering buying a smallish fake tree that comes with lights.

9. I think pre-lit trees are the greatest invention ever.

10. I also think Whole Food’s whipped cream is a pretty great invention. And Fritos. This year, I’m thankful for Fritos.

11. I’m making the green bean casserole to accompany a turkey made by my brother-in-law. And, I’m buying a pie. I’m not a baker. Period. I am a French-fried onion lover though and I may have already eaten half the can.

12. I should buy another can of fried onions so that the casserole has an ample amount.

13. I’ve spent most Thanksgiving nights attending the Plaza lighting celebration or talking about attending and then deciding it is too cold, which resulted in me watching it on TV.

14.This year, while the temperature is going to be a balmy 72 degrees, I’m not even considering dealing with the crowd and the drunk people and the parking because Grey’s Anatomy has a larger-than-life, longer-than-normal episode that will be airing and you’d better believe I’ll be watching.

15. I’ll also be DVRing it. For Paula.

16. I will watch it again with her. I’ve seen almost every episode this season twice.

17. While Grey’s Anatomy has been my longtime favorite show, The Office is slowly beating it out for my Emmy nomination.

18. I think McSteamy ruins the plot.

19. My foot is injured again, again. Subsequently, I’m missing the best running weather of the winter.

20. I am, however, putting in lots of quality time on the stationary bike at the gym. It makes me want to shoot myself.

21. Okay, I don’t really want to shoot myself. But it’s placed right next to the treadmills, so it’s like the gym is rubbing running in my face.

22. Speaking of faces, I went to my first Arbon party on Saturday.

23. While I understand the value of the product and while I would really like to see what type of difference it could make for my skin and my health and my overall ability to put my best face forward, I’m not sure I’m willing to cough up more than $100 per month to support an Arbon habit.

24. I would be more willing to spend the cash if our health insurance hadn’t just gone up.

25. Damn the man.

26. Being a man would seemingly be easier and cheaper. Men’s clothes are cheaper, products are cheaper and in general, they just need less.

27. Except for the “metro” man. They need more.

28. I’m glad I’m a woman.


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