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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the state of the union.

tuesday, gus must have thought the world was ending. because there was a crew of men tearing 50-year-old siding off my house with vibrating tools. things were falling off shelves, sawdust was appearing out of nowhere and it was loud. and poor gus was inside. when i arrived home to see men standing on my roof, a dumpster full of crap and a house that looked horrible, i thought the world may have ended. but after a good use of the shop vac and the realization that the new siding was coming sooner rather than later and two glasses of wine, i was relaxed.

today, after wrapping the house in Tyvec, they began to install the fiber cement siding. it looks amazing. from the back and the sides. i'm not quite sure why they do the front last. the part everyone can see. the part i see when i drive up with nowhere to park because my driveway is full of supplies.

anyway, they claim they will be finished with the siding tomorrow. and did i mention it looks fabulous? and then monday and tuesday they paint. in the meantime, i survey the damage. broken butterfly bushes, hedges that have been tied back away from the house, monster truck tracks in the yard and wires all over the lawn. it will all be worth it, this mess. i tell myself that every five minutes. and then i take the wise words from my friend to heart. "your house will never be perfect and everything can be fixed." because i have to. because i forgot to mention that the vibrating and tearing off of siding caused some of the plaster interior walls to crack and to spew forth plaster. in chunks. like ugly vomit.

pictures are coming. the entire process is being documented by my friend/neighbor who is blessed to spend a lot more time at home than i.

so, look for those. with a credit to her name.

until we meet again in cyberspace.
- a very messy, slightly-pensive, out-of-sorts, overly modified girl.


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