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Thursday, November 30, 2006

if it's not one thing, it's another

i went to the podiatrist today. just to make sure my foot pain wasn't serious. i'm glad i went.

i have morton's neuroma. it's a condition where the nerve between your toes (typically the 3rd and 4th toe) becomes inflamed. this causes all sorts of pain and tingling feelings and it's the reason why, for the past month, i've felt like i was walking on the bone of the ball of my foot. and that sensation isn't exactly soothing.

the doctor said my neuroma is mid-sized. and i caught it quick - it's only been bothering me for a month. the good news is that i can continue to run as long as i can stand the pain. (although, my pain threshold isn't that high) so, to translate, the good news is that running won't make it worse.

i'm supposed to pre-medicate a run with 4ish advil. and i need a series of 7 to 10 cortizone (spelled wrong, but i don't care today) shots.
i had the first shot today. straight into the swollen nerve. it was neither nice nor fun, but i'm hoping it will work.

if the shots work well, the nerve will shrink down enough and i won't feel it anymore. if the shots don't work, surgery to remove the nerve is required.

it's out-patient surgery and some runners are up and running again 4 weeks later. we'll see. and mostly, we'll hope i never get to that point.

and yes, i just referenced myself as a "we," but i promise i'm not going insane. there is only one of me here.


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