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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rob to the rescue.

I got a flat tire on the way to work. This is what happened.

I was driving along, talking to Rob (friend/neighbor/coworker/carpool buddy/bathroom renovator/lawn mower lender/flood light installer) about how this time of year has been mucho expensive for Nick and I and about how hot the day was supposed to get and stuff like that. This motorcycle guy kept riding right along side my car motioning at us. Rob said, “What the heck is that guy’s problem?” I said, “Maybe I have a flat tire.” So, I rolled down the window and sure enough, that was the news from the mouth of the motorcycle dude.

So, I pulled over to the shoulder, and Rob got out to look for the flat. Nope, no flat on the right side. So, he got back in the car. I then said “I wonder if it is on the left side.” Yes, it was.

So, um, out loud while lightly banging my head on the driver’s side window, I proclaimed, “Oh, no – WHAT am I going to do???? Rob, Nick can come pick you up and take you to work.” And in my mind, I was thinking I should call a tow truck and I was wishing I was still a member of AAA and I was worrying about how would I get to work while my car was in the shop and, well, you can imagine what else went through my head. Until Rob said “Um, why don’t we just change it?”


Rob instructed me to drive down the highway at no more than 30mph and to exit onto this side road so we could find a place to change the tire without our butts hanging out onto I-70. Good suggestion.

We found a spot and parked the car. It’s funny because this is really the last time “we” came into the equation. “So, do you want to change the tire or do you want to learn how, ” Rob asked. And I said “Um, I can learn.”

By the way, readers, I know nothing about changing a tire. So, Rob started jacking the car up and got out the wrench (or is it a tire iron?) I don’t know…anyway, he said I could do it if I wanted, but I wasn’t good at it and it was taking FOREVER, so I just watched the rest of the time.

So today, Rob changed my tire.

And then, I drove to work on the donut.

And over lunch, I plan to have the tire patched.

But I like to tell people that I changed a tire on the way to work. I do have dirt on the knees of my jeans from looking at Rob changing the tire. So, my story is somewhat believable.


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