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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


i'm feeling uninspired. i got two migraines last week. two. and both of them sucked. a lot. and then i went to get a massage to try to work out some of the stress that settles in my neck and shoulders. it didn't help. she didn't push hard enough or in the right places. and i didn't feel right telling her how to do her job. i should have said something. so i paid $30 for 30 minutes of laying on a heated table in a dark room. i also had to go back to work with gel or oil or whatever it is she used all over my neck and back. i felt slimy.

i google searched the president of my high school senior class today. she is making bizarre art that includes footage of her, naked, painting with blood and meat. i have no words. none. i have some questions though. the first one goes something like "What the *##@!! ?"

and then there's the matter of Gus and what seems to be his pooping problem. he's been straining a lot when he tries to poop. it will look like he's gone and then he'll walk away from that spot in the yard only to attempt to poop again somewhere else. then, when he finally does come inside, i have to wipe his butt because there will be a little piece of dog doodoo hanging out. lovely, huh? it gets better. last night, nick let Gus in and didn't check for residue. i went to go put something in our bedroom and saw a little dot of dog poop ON THE FITTED SHEET complete with a few of Gus' dog hairs stuck in it. of course it would happen on a day i didn't make the bed.

so there you have it. i'm feeling uninspired. i was, however, immediately inspired to wash the heck out of the fitted sheet.


  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Oh man, poopie dog butt. Poop is like, my most favorite word ever. Thank you for this post! That totally just made my day.

  • At 4:51 AM, Blogger nbh said…

    blood and meat *blink* while naked? *blink blink* WoW.

    Now I'm wondering what my the prez of my hs class is up to these days. Probably not that.

    But I ... guess you never know.

  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Tara said…

    I LOVE googling people and get extremely frustrated when I am unable to find something on a particular person. But, I never have quite figured out what to say if you do actually wish to contact that person. Do they feel as though you are stalking them if you tell them that you "googled" them??

  • At 9:59 AM, Blogger Pensive Girl said…

    tara, that's a good question. but i tend to think that everybody does it :)
    at least, that makes me feel better about being a google-freak. i figure it's the best way to look someone up. no shame in that.


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