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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Presenting the age-old question: do I have to buy my boss a holiday gift?

I received a gift today from my boss. A nice Yankee Candle wax warmer thingy, and I wasn’t planning to give him anything. I asked around. Some people bring cookies or homemade candies for the entire office, others bring ornaments and still others bring nothing. Last Christmas, I was working at another job, writing for our city's newspaper and while the office was festive during the season, nothing was expected. Now, in my crazy corporate environment, where the Christmas lights I attempted to put up in my cube were discouraged, people give gifts like it's going out of style. What is the proper protocol for gift giving? Do I get my boss a gift just because he got me one? I’ll let you in on a secret — I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I plan to begin and finish on Saturday, so it’s not too late for me to pick out a nice manly candle or something for him. But, do I have to? Will I look like an ungrateful, rude, unsympathetic scrooge if I don’t?


  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger Tara said…

    At my office of approximately 30 people, we all go together and get a gift for the three owners. It works out really well because my individual total this year was only $8. I guarantee I would spend lots more than that if I were to get each of them a gift. So, that works for me. But, if you are in an office of a bunch of rear-end kissers, this may not be an option. Good luck with your shopping on Saturday!

  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Pensive Girl said…

    Hmmm, that would be the best option. Maybe for next year, I'll suggest that :)

    Have a great Thursday!


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