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Friday, September 09, 2005

But, I never even wore my white pants.

I was at the grocery store last week doing some quick shopping when I decided I needed chocolate. So, I took myself and my groceries to the candy aisle where I assumed I would find the usual, run-of-the-mill selection. I don’t know if it was the vibrant orange and black packaging or the overly stocked quality of the shelves that shocked me the most, but I let out a quick gasp and then asked myself the following question: “Why on earth are they selling last year’s Halloween candy now?” And then I continued my thought with, “Hmm, better for me because it’s probably all on sale.”

Except, nothing was on sale. Bags of candy were at least $4 and that’s when I realized that it was September and that the candy in the aisle was actually for this year — and thank goodness I hadn’t made my "old candy" proclamation aloud because then, I would have really been embarrassed. It’s also a good thing I realized it was September as soon as I did because I nearly had my white pants ironed and ready to wear at home. So thank you, candy aisle, for helping me avoid the fashion faux pas of wearing white pants after Labor Day.


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