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since there's no one else around, we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know. then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow.

Friday, January 13, 2012

confession friday

1. i love yoga
2. i hate hot yoga
3. i keep going
4. i think it's helping me in lots of ways
5. i dread it the entire drive there
6. i've never sweat more in my life
7. i bought a mat from lululemon even though i know their company is a little bit unethical
8. it's the best mat i've ever used
9. it has revolutionized my practice
10. the last time i called something a practice, i was talking about piano
11. even though i used to be unable to imagine a day without running, i don't miss it. at all.
12. i especially don't miss it now that it is 12 degrees outside.
13. i do miss my short, short hair though. every day.
14. for some reason, every haircut i get turns into a mullet 4 weeks later.
15. i think i'm almost too old to do the pigtail-bad-hairday trick
16. even though i'm 32, i got the worst zit of my life a month ago.
17. seriously. it was like a huge red cyst. and it never popped.
18. now i just have this ugly scar on my chin.
19. i got it the second week at my new job.
20. so i felt like "that" girl for awhile.
21. the one everyone looks at and feels sorry for because of some huge flaw.
22. i love my new job.
23. even though i know it's ridiculous, i'm a little bit afraid for december 21 2012
24. or is it the 12th?
25. see, that's what popular culture will do to you.
26. and movies
27. and an over-active imagination
28. and not enough faith
29. i think tomorrow at hot yoga, i will try to sweat out that stupid fear.


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