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Sunday, March 28, 2010


on the day that, after 13 months of waiting, i finally got a job offer. i actually got two.

two great offers.

at two great agencies. working on awesome stuff. with amazing, creative people.

it was as if God was proving that if i, indeed, was patient, he would, eventually provide a job.

and provide he did.

but i hadn't been expecting options.

i honestly thought i'd eventually have to settle. for a job i didn't really want. at a company i didn't want to work for. doing things i would find either boring or elementary.

but both offers had nothing wrong with them. both were jobs that, had they been the only one offered, i would have taken in a heartbeat - my soul singing with new optimism.

two. i had never even HOPED for two. God has quite the sense of humor.

and that's okay. because in the 13 months i waited, i learned that i'm a survivor. that i love this industry called advertising. that i'm inspired by all things interactive and creative. that ideas are what move me, challenge me, recreate me.

ideas. and words. (and sometimes, bacon.)

i also learned to network - a skill that, i'm afraid, i hadn't previously perfected.

and i discovered people who had my back. good people. people who love advertising as much as i do. people who appreciate a really smart concept. people who think cliche has no place in a headline. and that exclamation points should never be used to turn a lazily crafted sentence into something more. because words are powerful enough if you choose the right ones.

which is why on the day that i got two offers, i hardly knew what to say. had this really just happened? was the ball seriously in my court? would i truly now need to hunker down to figure out where i would spend the next phase of my career? at the same time feelings of relief, accomplishment and elation overtook me, i probably let a few expletives fly, too.

in the end, i chose barkley. it's where i had my "super-secret temporary job" this winter. it is a good fit.

and as a friend and colleague from the other agency said to me in an email, regardless of where i chose to land next, it's good to be back.


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