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Sunday, September 13, 2009

past the six-month mark.

i'm embarrassed to admit that i've been unemployed for more than six months now.

that's a long time.

painfully long.

in six months at a job i could have gotten a promotion, made several clients happy, churned out some kickass creative, bonded with my team and grown in the way i handle constructive criticism, different management styles and choosing the right shoes to get me through a day with just the right mix of style and comfort.

(sorry for that run-on sentence.)


some employed friends of mine have expressed a bit of jealousy about my current "life of leisure." i mean, if i want, i can go run 7 miles at 1:00 on a thursday. but let's be real. no one is paying me to run. in fact, i'm collecting a very small sum of money each week from the government. and by small, i mean small. like it pays for food, water and shelter. and that's it. yes, the basic needs are covered. but then there are things like: car payment. kinda important, in my opinion. especially in kansas city where i can't just hop on a bus from my house to get to a job interview 30 miles west of my front door.


and then there's this other thing. unemployment runs out. it's not like being on permanate disability. it's not like collecting social security when you retire (if you retire before 2010.) it's limited. and i don't have that much left.

so, i sit. and worry. and try to figure out if i am going about things the right way. and what was it about me that this one company didn't like after three interviews and an introduction to the team? and why did my unemployed friend get a call for an interview for a job that i also applied for. and that i was more qualified for?

there is no science to this recession. but i like to compare it to conception. a million sperm and one egg. those millions of sperm are all trying to get to the egg. but only the strongest, most perfect one will make it.

all of us unemployed sperm have sent our resumes to the same egg. and only the best fit will win.

it's crazy out there.


  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger Shane said…

    Terrific post. I was only unemployed for half that amount of time and with the holiday around it (I got laid off on 12/11), it seemed like even less.

    Good luck. I will continue to keep my eyes peeled for "rockstar copywriters".


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