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Thursday, September 24, 2009


at church, we're working through discovering the lies we believe about ourselves that are contradictory to how god see us (thus, opposite of how we should see ourselves.)

i had a good idea of what mine were. but i decided to ask B what he thought they might be.

within five minutes he had all three rattled off:

1. i am overweight/ugly.
2. because i have no job/can't find a job, i am not creative, i have no talent and am unemployable.
3. i am aimlessly wandering through life worried that it is not going to be okay.

wow, that's some heavy stuff.

also, how well does he know me?!?!

okay, so now, i'm working on turning those lies into truths. they would go like this:

1. i am in good shape. i am pretty.
2. i am creative and talented. i can't find a job because this economy blows.
3. i am not supposed to go through life worrying. if god's eye is on the sparrow, his eye is certainly on me.

here's to growth.


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