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since there's no one else around, we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know. then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


so you know the feeling when you know you are where you are supposed to be? i've been feeling that a lot lately. and, um, not so much in my past life. like i always would feel down or sad like something huge was missing - like i wasn't home. for example, if i would have a freak out cry session, i'd maybe, yearn for this place i knew as home, although, i never even knew where that was. but now i do.

i am finally home.

and tonight, tonight was perfect. here's how it went:

i tried sparkling things on my finger !!! (note the three exclamation points.)
i ate sushi. i drank savignon blanc. i walked 2 miles in the surprisingly humid-free air and drank another glass of sav blanc at a french restaurant. then, i walked back in the rain. and had amazing, deep conversation. the kind that made me cry. in the rain. in b's arms.

and then, i arrived home. to my house. the place where, in the morning, i trimmed the hedges and did lawn work. and i didn't mind. because the lawn is mine.

and anyway. tomorrow, i see connor oberst. i love this weekend.


  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Donna. W said…

    I found home about a year ago. I'm so happy that I found it before I died.

  • At 11:26 PM, Blogger noapostrophe said…

    How wonderful! I'm so glad you're happy and fulfilled! What a wonderful feeling!


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