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Friday, January 02, 2009

post-purchase anxiety.

i went to the mall today. for the first time during the holiday season. see, i typically hate to shop, which makes me sort of not a "real" girl - a fact that i'm totally at peace with.

but i had some alone time today, and after a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles, i thought going to the mall would be a good way to unwind, spend some "me" time and find some awesome deals. until stop number one resulted in me impulse-purchasing a new pair of sevens. (whoops.)

to be fair, my two go-to pairs of sevens are looking a bit worn and aged. and the wash on my new pair is different than the wash on either of my other ones. and i bought a size smaller than my other pairs, which means they fit better and might become my "every-day jeans." and they're totally cute and uh...this is why i don't go to the mall.


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