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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


uh, i don't feel so good. i woke up with a headache and then took some sinus medication, which made me feel slightly better. that would be good if it didn't pretty much prove that i have something wrong with my sinus. (is plural sinus written: sini?) it should be.

my neck is starting to hurt, too. and it's snowing outside. blowing snow. yesterday it was 61 degrees when i went to bed. no joke. suffice it to say, i'm really loving missouri right now. i guess it's good i'll be jet-setting to LA in a few weeks. california, here i come.

but back to today. i really want to work out. and i know the general rule is if it's above your neck, you can work out. if the sickness is below your neck, you should rest. my sini are above my neck. so according to that sage wisdom my trainer friend told me years ago, i should be fine, right?

uh huh.

oh other great debates in my head consist of:
1. should i find a new dress for the holiday party or wear one i already have.
2. if you walk into a stinky public restroom and then realize it's yucky, change your plan and leave... do you smell like the bathroom? you know, like if you go into a restaurant you smell like the food. so, like yesterday, for example, i walked into the bathroom and it was i left. but when i walked down the hall, did people wonder, "hmmm why does it all of a sudden smell like diarrhea in here?"


  • At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think the rule is.... "if you're sick, take it easy"... let your bod fight the invaders fully rested.

  • At 1:16 AM, Blogger elovewilson said…

    i wish i had a fancy christmas party to go to this year. dress up and look fabulously beautiful for me too :)


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