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Saturday, March 15, 2008

the day i met paul flinders.

i didn't know why we were going to lawrence. i knew we'd be gone from 1 to 3 and that there was something we were going there for. i thought maybe i was getting a cat.

when we pulled up to the obviously college-student-occupied house, i was still unsure of what we were doing. i continued to have no clue while we knocked on the door. and when a young, familiar-looking guy opened it. until the words, "jessi, meet paul flinders," were spoken, i still didn't grasp where i was.

omg, i was at paul flinders' house. i'd been admiring his work all year. i'd priced it and shrugged. i'd gone to see it hanging in local galleries and i'd linked to it from here. several times. he offered us wine. but we were in a hurry so we got to go straight to the studio. to the room that housed all the paintings i've fallen in love with.

i thought that was the surprise. getting to meet paul flinders. getting to see where he works. but that was hardly it. i got to choose one painting from each size that i liked. then, i was instructed to go wait upstairs.

in the end, i was given this. it's the first piece of his that caught my eye to lead me to discover him. and it's now here at home with me.

i haven't hung it yet, but here's proof.

i'm one lucky girl.

best. day. ever.


  • At 4:17 PM, Blogger Kat said…

    So cool! A dream day, to be sure. Consider me in awe and jealous. Someone knows how to make your day!

  • At 2:22 AM, Blogger Pete Dulin said…

    Couple of articles on Paul:


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