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Friday, February 29, 2008


so remember back in october, when i thought i kept getting UTIs. but then it turned out to be this terrible, chronic problem? maybe you don't. but i remember it like it was just yesterday. well, last saturday i started to feel like i was getting a UTI again. but now that i have IC, it's common to feel that way when you are "flaring." just to be safe, i went into the doctor on wednesday to leave a sample. the nurse said it looked okay but she sent it off to be cultured. she said she'd call on friday to tell me if i needed an antibiotic. in the meantime, i've been sleeping with a heating pad between my legs (it looks a lot less sexy than it sounds), guzzling water and spending a few nights in tears.

the nurse called today. i do have an infection. time to start 500mg of the antibiotic for five days.

i can't even believe this.


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