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Friday, November 16, 2007

what are the chances?

last night i ran on the treadmill at the "gym" in my new building. when i got back to my loft, i had a myspace email waiting from a friend i hadn't seen or heard from in seven years. it said, "hey, this is really random, but i swear i saw a girl who looks like you in my apartment building downtown."

i wrote him back, saying that i lived downtown and asking where he lived.

he wrote back with, "if you live at "blank blank blank THE EXACT ADDRESS I HAVE" then we live in the same building.

i wrote back and said, "OMG i'm in (my loft number.) where are you?"

two seconds later, someone knocked on my door.

i was in my PJs so i didn't answer. i figured i'd write him back and explain. when i got back to my computer, an email was awaiting me saying that his loft number was one away from mine. he lived right across the fricking hall. how bizarre. so i said to myself, "screw my PJs, i'm going to say hello."

anyway, small world, no?


  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    So what's with the quotes around "gym"? What is it in actuality?

    And what a small world, eh? Hope you're settling in well at the new place. I'll miss seeing your cutie-patootie at the gym now and then. :)


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